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December 16, 2012
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  "I think I'm gonna be sick," Sable groaned, leaning against the wall. It was finally time, tonight was the night the Black Theater performed Sweeney Todd, it was time to see if this generation could fill in the last generations' footsteps.
"Sick," Rupert said in panic, "You can't get sick"!
The whole cast were hiding behind the curtains, waiting for their time to come.
Sable shooed Rupert away and he went to express his nervousness elsewhere.
Sable looked at Carmori who was in front of her, hoping to catch some of his confidence, the whole night was riding on so much. What if she messed up?! What if she-
To her surprise Carmori was looking just as nervous, staring toward the crowd behind the curtain. One hand placed over his heart.
"Carmori," she said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "What's wrong"?
He looked down at her and his glowing blue eyes held too many emotions for her to make out. But she could tell that some were pleasant and others weren't
"Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine, perfect even, I'll finally get to play the starů"
"But," she said,
Carmori looked back toward the crowd, "But I've never had much luck with that."
He pressed his hand against his heart, "I haven't had much luck at all."
Sable hesitantly placed her hand on his, Carmori looked down at her.
"You know," she said, "My mother told me that at the Black Theater not only do you get to show the world your talent, but for some you can start anew."
Carmori only blinked at her words and Sable smiled, "Don't act like you're a stranger Carmori, this is your home now too."
A small smile crept across the ghost's lips and then he was called onto stage.

  Sable smiled on the inside as the play was coming close to an end; Carmori was on the ground, leaning over the actor who played Lucy. . She was amazed at how; well, amazing he had been. She couldn't believe no one let him play the major role before; he was born for the stage. It was where he belonged.
She and Carmori started to sing together and danced around the stage, his blue eyes had a far away look as if his mind was somewhere else, and Sable had never seen him happier.

  "We were amazing," Rupert yelled and the crowd cheered as the after play party continued in the back room. Everyone hugged, laughed, and some of the older cast members even cried, relieved that the Black Theater was safe.
"And we have Sweeney to thank," another member said, raising his glass and they all gave the star a cheer.
It was then Sable realized she hadn't seen Carmori at all throughout the party, worried she exited the room and looked around the building for him.
She found him on the stage, facing the many rows of seats with an expressionless face, hands behind his back.
"We did it," she said happily running over to him, he looked at her but didn't say anything.
"And it's all thanks to you," she grinned, "Carmori we'll never be able to repay you."
He smiled then, "But you already have," he spread his hands out, "The Black Theater has let me live my dream."
He brought his hands down and sadness welled in his brilliant blue eyes, "Yes, some things can't be changed but this has given me hope, I may be dead but I'm not done for yet."
He turned to her, "I need to be thanking you Sable."
She smiled with embarrassment, "It's nothing. So, do you have any idea what the next play should be about"?
"Sable," he said gently, softly, "I'm not staying."
Her eyes widened at that, "Not staying? But-but we need you! The Black Theater needs you"! And she needed him; he was her friend and didn't want him to leave.
He shook his head, "You don't need me, the Black Theater will live, and besides, you're a wonderful actress Sable and you'll shine.
"But don't let you're live be just about acting, there are other things in life. But as I said, you have a great future ahead of you Sable, don't forget it."
Tears starting to flood her eyes she hugged the ghost and he gave her a comforting pat.
"Sorry about spooking you that first day," he said and she smiled.
"Sorry for throwing all those letters at you," the ghost laughed at that.
He broke the embrace and looked down at her, "You're a good person Sable and I hope you have a long and happy life."
She smiled as the tears continued to fall, "And you're a wonderful person too, and an actor. I hope that you will find happiness wherever you go. And I'll make sure you are never forgotten."
  The two smiled at each other for a couple of seconds and then he bowed to her, and with that Carmori, the thespian spook, left the Black Theater.

  In the years to come the Black Theater never closed down, Sable became one of its most prized actors and after that one play all of the following generations of actors of the Black Theater remembered that one performance that saved it all.
Another fan fic is completley and I am now taking a break from fan fics. Thier fun but I need to work on my stories.
Again I didn't like how short I made it but I thought the ending was good.
I hope you readers enjoy

Carmori (c) :TheCalamintyChemist:
Zikka Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Secretsister16 Dec 16, 2012  Student Artist
Im glad you liked it^^
Zikka Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:clap; :hug:
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