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December 2, 2012
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  "And this is," Rupert said as he and the rest of the cast looked at Carmori in confusion and curiosity.
"Our new director and Sweeney Todd," Sable answered, "I already asked the owner and the old director's been fired."
"Oh if I could have seen his face when he got the news," someone in the back said wistfully.
Carmori bowed to the audience, "Pleased to meet you, I am Sweeney."
The group looked at Sable who shrugged and smiled, she had told Carmori it was probably for the best not to let everyone know he was a ghost and he agreed.
"Alright everyone," Carmori said without letting the others get out their introductions, "Time to start," he stood beside the director's chair as everyone, still looking confused, found their places on stage.
It didn't take long for Carmori to start acting out all the different parts to show the crew how to do it and it did help, everyone was really getting into their characters and everyone liked Carmori who acted so well he was practically Sweeney incognito.
"Remember Anthony," Carmori said to Rupert who was playing the character, he called everyone by their characters, "You are a young spirited man who has just fallen head over heels for a blond love, sing with passion, sing with heart."
It took Rupert a few tries but he finally was good enough for Carmori.
"Where'd you find this guy," Rupert asked when they were taking their breaks; Carmori was sitting in the director's chair absorbed in the script.
"He found me," Sable answered truthfully; "He saw our flyers and decided to come check us out."
"You think he'll stay," he asked hopefully, "He's the best director we've ever had. And he's a spot on actor too."
Sable shrugged, realizing she didn't know what Carmori would do after the play was over. Would he stay? Sable kinda wanted him too, even if he was pretty arrogant.
"But you know what he kinda reminds me of someone," Rupert interrupted her thoughts with a thoughtful hum.
"Who," she asked.
"That old famous thespian, Carmori Cardwell."
Sable choked on the drink she was sipping, Rupert patted her back, "Uh that's impossible," she gasped, "That guy died AGES ago."
"I wouldn't say that," Carmori said from where he sat, looking down at them with slight annoyance, "It may have been a few years but not 'ages'."
He lightly stood up from the chair and walked into the middle of the stage, the cast's gaze following him.
"I don't know much about this handsome fellow you guys speak about but he sounds quite charming. Although the thing I do know he was considered one of the best thespians of his generation, maybe of all time."
Sable glared at him as he flattered himself, did he WANT the others to know he was a walking corpse.
"In fact I believe he was given dozen of roses every time he performed, even if the play was a dud, people spent their life savings to show how much they were in awe of him. Young and old loves alike would swoon when they we're in his presence. And"-
"For someone who doesn't know much," Rupert interrupted, "You sure talk a lot about him."
"Oh he's just a show off," Sable interrupted coming over to stand by Carmori, "He's just making this stuff up as he goes along."
Carmori cocked an eyebrow at her, "Making stuff up? I"- Sable clasped her hand over his mouth before he could say more, "He just doesn't know went to stop," she said with a slight sneer.
Carmori shrugged and backed away from her, but he kept his mouth shut so she guessed her point got through that skull.

  After the day's practice was over Sable said goodbye as everyone left, leaving Carmori and her.
She grabbed a broom (it was her day to clean) and started to sweep the stage.
"I have an inkling you're upset with me," Carmori said but it didn't sound like he regretted the fact.
"Well complimenting yourself in front of everyone wasn't the smartest idea Bird Brain," she said spitefully, "Considering the fact you said you barely knew yourself."
Carmori shrugged, "Couldn't resist, it's been awhile since I had an audience and people only talk about the dead for so long. But that Bird Brain was kind of unnecessary don't you think"?
"As long as you keep your 'beak' shut," she said with a sneering grin.
Carmori rolled his eyes but didn't retort, "We should practice the final scene."
"Why," she asked, "We already practiced it. And I have cleaning to do."
"You can clean any old time," he replied, "How many times will you get to act with the famous Carmori Cardwell"?
Sable sighed and looked at him, "Are you just trying to get out of trouble"?
He replied with a cheeky smile.
"Oh all right," Sable dropped her broom and did a curtsey while Carmori bowed.
While the two danced and sang Carmori commented on the Black Theater on the silent scenes, he thought it was a decent place and the cast had potential.
"That's it," Sable asked, "I practically grew up here and some of the best actors in the world performed here," she sighed as he raised his eyebrows, "Expect for you. But even that's gonna change tomorrow night."
He chuckled as they sang the last verse and he pulled her away from her, grabbing her hands before she could fall to the floor. "That's true."
Short but not much was really happeing.... The next and last chapter will be more impressive

Carmori Cardwell (c) :iconCalamaityChemist:
Black Theater (c) me
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Zikka Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
quick correction...It's CALDWELL, with an L, no R's...

But this is getting me more and more anticipating for the next chapter!
Secretsister16 Dec 2, 2012  Student Artist
Zikka Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So...the next chapter is the last?
Secretsister16 Dec 2, 2012  Student Artist
Yep. Their going to perform Sweeney Todd to a large audience
Zikka Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
.......something tells me you're gonna pull a plot twister for the last chapter
Zikka Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
don't worry!
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